Respect, self esteem and emotion

July 24, 2011

While girls are usually taught to respect males, often people neglect to teach boys that females are to be respected. Such neglect of boys encourages thoughtlessness and lack of self control.
At the same time, people neglect to support girls in becoming capably competent at something they enjoy. Such neglect encourages self disrespect.
Later, if a woman has problems with respecting other women, it’s usually because she doesn’t respect herself.

It’s difficult if not impossible to have respect without some sense of a sound self esteem.

Research has shown if a person gains a feeling of mastery, becomes conscientious*, learns to be extraverted, and finds emotional stability; good self esteem is fostered.

Both genders are taught little about self managing their emotions well.
If you don’t learn to self manage your emotions, you’re going to have a hard time feeling mastery or having the discipline to become conscientious*, and extraversion is not a likely choice after that.    *

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4 Responses to “Respect, self esteem and emotion”

  1. thank you for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “Live with men as if God saw you converse with God as if men heard you.” by Seneca.

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